I want to get my vehicle out of a storage facility. What items do I need to take with me to the storage facility?

The vehicle storage facility must release the vehicle to a person who provides the following:
Payment of all fees due, PLUS
· A valid photo identification issued by the state or federal government (usually a drivers license), PLUS ANY ONE of the following eight items (to show proof of authority)
· A notarized power of attorney OR
· A court order OR
· A certificate of title OR
· A tax collector’s receipt and vehicle registration renewal card OR
· A notarized proof of loss claim of theft from an insurance company to show a right of possession OR
· Positive name and address information that corresponds to the information contained in TXDOT Vehicle Titles and Registration files OR
· A valid Insurance Certificate for the vehicle OR
· A TDLR-approved Form VSF011. 
For lien holders wanting to reposes a vehicle, you must have a TDLR specific power of attorney for retrieval of motor vehicle by lien holder.
This form must be brought in when picking up the vehicle. 

 I need to get my personal items out of the vehicle. What do I need to take to the vehicle storage facility? 

The vehicle owner or owner’s authorized representative is allowed to remove personal items from the vehicle after presenting a valid photo, state or federally issued photo identification (such as a drivers license), PLUS any one of the first seven proofs of authority (the seven items are listed in the previous question).
Personal property, such as clothes, medicine, and tools may be removed from the vehicle.
The vehicle may not be dismantled and parts may not be removed, so the vehicle owner may not remove items such as the engine, tires, or installed stereo.
Payment of towing and storage fees is not required before releasing personal property only.
The vehicle storage facility may require the person removing the items to give a receipt listing the items that were removed from the vehicle.
 If your vehicle has a "hold" on it for any reason, you must first have the "hold" removed by the impounding agency before the vehicle can be released or any property removed.